Learn more about the guidelines for making departmental purchases including UT Market, online ordering, purchase orders, computers and t-shirt purchasing.

UT Market

NOTE: This is the preferred method of purchasing and required for any merchant listed on UT Market.

If ordering from UT Market, create a shopping cart with the item(s) needed first and then assign the cart to the ASE/EM staff purchaser. The person who created the cart will receive emails as the cart is processed and approved. The upside to using UT Market is convenience and better pricing (contract items are lower than on a vendor’s website). There are several vendors such as Grainger, DigiKey, and MSC offering items in different areas such as computer and lab supplies. Office supplies must be purchased through UT Market-Today’s Business Solutions.

Online Orders

If an item cannot be found from a UT Market vendor, you can search for outside vendors. To purchase from an online vendor, please email your request to the ASE/EM purchaser and include direct link(s) to each item(s) being requested in the body of the email. The link should take them directly to the item and not just the vendor’s website. This ensures the correct item is ordered. Please include quantity, size, color, (if applicable) on your request. Please note that orders from a vendor that the University has not worked with will require vendor setup and can take 1-2 weeks.

Purchase Orders

Orders totaling $4,500.01 or more (excluding UT Market orders) require a purchase order. A quote from the vendor is required. The quote should include the vendor’s contact information (address, phone number, name of contact person and email address), a description of each item including part/stock #, price per item, quantity needed, shipping/delivery charges, F.O.B., and Lead Time. A vendor’s quote will normally include these things. Please note: the University operates with a Net 30 payment. No partial or pre-payments are allowed. When approved, the ASE/EM staff purchaser will email a copy of the purchase order to the vendor and the person who submitted the request. For orders over $15,000, additional information will be needed. Solicitation Procedures, Purchasing Process.

Computers, Printers, Etc.

Any computer, printer, accessories, or software orders should be sent to Scott Messec. When he receives your request, he will review it to be sure it meets UT guidelines, is compatible with what the department already has, and includes everything needed.   

NOTE: A student submitting a purchase request for a professor will need to include an email with the professor’s approval before the order can be placed.

T-Shirt Purchasing

The department’s process for purchasing printed materials, including t-shirts is:

  • Find a vendor on the approved licensed vendor list and get a quote. The department has used Austin Screen Printing, which is on the approved vendor list.
  • Send the proposed design in PDF format (front and back of the shirt), in a single PDF document to the ASE-EM purchaser, along with vendor name, a contact name and email, quote, and details (exact quantity, colors used, purpose, etc.).
  • The Department will submit to the UT Office of Brand, Trademarks and Licensing.
  • Once approved by Trademarks and Licensing, the order will be sent to the vendor. The vendor will communicate directly with the contact name provided.

NOTE: Please allow two weeks for approval by Trademarks and Licensing.