Student Recruiting

These student recruiting policies for prospective employers are made by UT Austin, the UT System, the State of Texas and/or NACE.


  • All information sessions must be scheduled through ECAC. Employers may do this online.

  • Employers may not present about their company to classes. They may only give technical seminars or technical advice regarding the content of the course.

  • Faculty and staff may not give ‘recommendations’ of ideal job candidates to recruiters or alumni who are company representatives; all recruitment must be done through ECAC.

  • Employers may only collect resumes through ECAC-scheduled information sessions or online through their company website.

  • If faculty receive emails for job opportunities that they wish to be forwarded on, they must be sent to all students (not to a select group). This can be done through the undergraduate or graduate coordinator/advisor. This information will also need to be sent to ECAC to post to all engineering students.

  • For technical seminar requests, the department can help schedule with at least three weeks’ notice. The department will not make flyers, but if the employer makes flyers, the department can post them and email all students.

For questions or further clarification of these policies, contact the ECAC Recruiting Team at or