Aerospace engineers have made our world a better place by developing safe and reliable aircraft and spacecraft and by innovations in many other fields. 

As an aerospace engineer you might develop the next generation of satellites that monitor the environment and enable global communication and navigation, or build autonomous aircraft to detect pipeline leaks. You might also design clean-burning jet engines, improved plasma displays, or super efficient wind turbines to harvest wind energy. Or you might use space-age materials to design artificial limbs, invisible braces, or shock-absorbing footwear. The possibilities are unlimited with ideas that stretch across the universe — in aerospace engineering, the sky is no longer the limit!

Where do our students find employment after they graduate? A large range of companies and government agencies hire our graduates in a variety of interdisciplinary fields.

Aerospace engineering degrees rank among the highest in the field of engineering. In 2017, the average starting salary for B.S. graduates in aerospace engineering was $65,250.

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ASE Program Objectives and Student Outcomes

ABET accredited undergraduate program objectives and student outcomes for the aerospace engineering program are listed here.

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