photo of nanshu lu

Nanshu Lu has been selected to receive the 2022 Thomas J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award by the Applied Mechanics Division of the ASME.

photo of maruthi akella

Maruthi Akella has been elevated to the grade of fellow for the class of 2022 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

photo of david hull

A special issue of the Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications (JOTA) was dedicated this year in honor of Professor Emeritus David Hull for his pioneering research in optimization theory and its applications toward the field of aerospace engineering.

photo of astronaut near earth

Launch Texas, a comprehensive program that will combine world-class technical and entrepreneurial education, fundamental and applied space research and outreach in a collaborative initiative, has received its first seed funding gift thanks to a donation from Texas Engineering alumnus Thomas (Tom) McKnight (B.S. ASE 1970) and his wife, Mimi.

photo of hailey nichols

Meet graduate student Hailey Nichols, who recently won first place in UT Austin’s inaugural Female Founder Pitch Competition, hosted by the Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute (KS WELI) and the Texas Innovation Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

computational visualization of a heart

Professor Karen Willcox is helping to lead a collaborative effort between the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (Oden Institute), The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MD Anderson) and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), to fund a cooperative research and educational program in Oncological Data and Computational Sciences.

image of pace junk orbiting earth

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak launches new enterprise to address space traffic sustainability and appoints UT Austin’s Moriba Jah as his chief scientific advisor. 

photo of hailey nichols

Locus Lock, a startup founded by aerospace engineering graduate student Hailey Nichols, won first place in the UT Graduate/Postdoc category in UT's inaugural Female Founder Pitch Competition. Eyes on the Sky (Moriba Jah), founded by professor of practice Erin Reilly, won second place in the UT Faculty/Staff category.

photo of ivo babuska

Professor Emeritus Ivo Babuška celebrated his 95th birthday in style in downtown Albuquerque this month where leading computational scientists gathered to participate in a one-day workshop in his honor.

blue origin new glenn rocket launch photo

Earlier this year, Blue Origin — the spaceflight company formed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 2000 — successfully launched its first-ever crewed mission, taking another major step forward in its mission to lower the cost of access to space through reusable spacecraft and rocket engines. For UT alumnus and Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith, the company’s mission represents a full-circle opportunity to provide a new generation with the same inspiration he received from earlier aerospace accomplishments.

photo of two people working on agricultural drone

A group of Longhorns led by aerospace engineering alumnus Arthur Erickson (B.S. ASE 2017) is working to transform agricultural crop care across the globe with their “AgroDrones.”

graphic showing hand pressing down on soft pressure sensor

Medical sensing technology has taken great strides in recent years, with the development of wearable devices that can track pulse, brain function, biomarkers in sweat and more. 

concept image of europa lander

NASA is gearing up for a mission to land on Jupiter's moon Europa, which houses a deep ocean beneath an icy shell. This mission, which could seek evidence of life on an icy world, is one of a kind, and it's also created a unique opportunity for aerospace and computational engineering undergraduate students.

image of wireless tattoo

Pneumonia has emerged as a life-threatening complication of COVID-19, accounting for nearly half of all patients who have died from the novel coronavirus in the U.S. since the beginning of the pandemic.

nasa concept image of icesat-2

Lori Margruder is playing a crucial role in NASA's ICESat-2 mission which is responsible for taking important measurements of our planet's key health indicators, including ice sheet mass balance, depth of bodies of water, cloud and aerosol heights, land topography and vegetation characteristics.