More airports plan to use "swoop" landings, or the continuous descent approach, created by John-Paul Clarke and colleagues. The method saves fuel, cuts emissions and reduces noise, but can be hard to implement in busy airports.

This piece in The Daily Texan features a collaborative project between the Texas Rocket Engineering Lab and senior aerospace engineering design students who plan to design a propulsive landing system to bring rocket engines safely back to Earth.

Luis Sentis is featured in this Scripps news video on the research project he is leading to bring the largest study of human-robot interactions to campus. 

Learn about Todd Humphreys' method to geolocate jamming and spoofing via an experimental GPS receiver installed on the International Space Station in this Kratos piece.

John-Paul Clarke, an expert in efficient airport design, spoke with KVUE News on the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) infrastructure, fuel storage and possible environmental issues, as records continue to be broken for passenger travel in Austin.

This Texas Monthly story features research led by Luis Sentis that is bringing a fleet of delivery robots to campus to study how humans interact with them.

Watch this KVUE interview with Luis Sentis and team whose research project aims to develop a robot delivery network on campus and study how humans interact with them.

Moriba Jah has been awarded the prestigious MacArthur Foundation fellowship, also known as a "Genius Grant,' for his work to make space more secure and sustainable for all.

Moriba Jah weighs in on NASA's DART Mission that slammed a spacecraft into an asteroid in its first-ever planetary defense test.

Alumnus Arthur Erickson, CEO and co-founder of the Texas drone company Hylio, was interviewed by KXAN where he discussed using drones for agricultural purposes.

Moriba Jah is featured on CNN's Tech for Good series where he discusses the growing issue of orbital space debris and the development of his space traffic management program, Astriagraph.

Aerospace engineering senior Katie Mulry discusses her experience with hands-on engineering projects and her internship at Blue Origin in this Good Day Austin interview with Dean Bonnecaze.

Nanshu Lu says we can learn a lot from a crab in this Daily Texan piece that provides an overview of research that aims to recreate a fiddler crab's amphibious vision system.

ASE alumna Jessica Vos, crew systems engineer for NASA's Orion program under the Artemis campaign, talks about getting humans back to the Moon - and eventually - to Mars in this KTOO piece.

Moriba Jah discusses the ever-growing issue of orbital space debris on CHED Mid-Morning Podcast with Shaye Ganam.