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ASE/EM Professors Lead $10M Center for Applied Mathematics Research

Karen Willcox and J. Tinsley Oden are leading efforts on a joint university—DOE program to create a new center for applied mathematics research in learning and optimization under uncertainty.

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Scramjet Research Featured in AIAA Best Paper

Professor Noel Clemens, along with authors Dr. Leon Vanstone and Joe Lingren, have been awarded the AIAA High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion Best Paper award.

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Faculty Positions

Join Our Faculty

Learn more about our faculty openings for tenured faculty and non tenure-track positions.

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Department News

Chad Landis Receives LUNAR Council Teaching Award

Chad Landis has been awarded the ASE/EM LUNAR Council Teaching Award for 2018 for making a positive impact on students’ educational experience through superior teaching.

ASE/EM Faculty Win Grand Challenge Awards

Three ASE/EM faculty members, David Goldstein, Greg Rodin and John Foster, received ICES 2018 W. A. "Tex" Moncrief Grand Challenge Awards.

Mapping Arctic Tundra

This summer, Sophy Wu, a second-year Ph.D. student studying aerospace engineering, conducted fieldwork at the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Toolik Field Station.

Robot Masters Human Balancing Act

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When walking in a crowded place, humans typically aren’t thinking about how we avoid bumping into one another. We are built to use a gamut of complex skill sets required to execute these types of seemingly simple motions. This salsabot’s hips don’t lie. Professor Luis Sentis and his students are advancing human-centered robotics through major innovation that imitates human balance.

8th Aerospace Engineering Graduate Program

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8th Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate Program

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9th Aerospace Engineering Program

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