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Driverless Cars? That's So Yesterday.

Learn about our flying taxi research led by Professor Jayant Sirohi, as part of a new research agreement with Uber to introduce prototype flyer taxis by 2020.

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Alumni Research

UT Partners with NASA, Using Green Laser Technology to Predict Climate Change

Alumna Lori Magruder is the science team lead for NASA's ICESat-2 mission, which will use new laser technology to track the changes in elevation of Earth's polar ice sheets within a fraction of an inch.

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Faculty Positions

Join Our Faculty

Learn more about our faculty openings for tenured faculty and non tenure-track positions.

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Department News

Three ASE/EM Faculty Receive Moncrief Grand Challenge Awards

ASE/EM faculty members Tan Bui-Thanh, Leszek Demkowicz and Moriba Jah have all been selected to receive 2019 W. A. "Tex" Moncrief Grand Challenge Awards.

A Graduate Student Perspective: How Engineering Research Can Reshape Space Exploration

Graduate student Siddarth Kaki was recently selected to receive the prestigious AIAA 20 Twenties award. Read about his view on the future of aerospace engineering in this 5 Questions With feature. 

Upcoming Seminar

August 22, 2019

Actuator saturation: Old problem, new tricks, and some unusual applications

Faryar Jabbari

Location: ASE 2.202
Time: 11:00 am

Do the Math: Physics-based Machine Learning with Professor Karen Willcox
karen willcox iciam machine learning video spotlight

ASE/EM Professor Karen Willcox discusses physics-based machine learning, and how a new approach is required to meet the increasing demands of high consequence decision-making such as developing personalized medicine and designing aircraft. Watch the video.


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