December 2022 Newsletter
  • New Launch Texas Program Unveiled at Go For Launch Event
  • Can Robots and Humans Co-exist in Public?
  • ASE Students Place Second in AIAA Design Challenge to Fly Humans to Moons of Mars
  • Palm E-tattoo Can Tell When You’re Stressed Out
  • Moriba Jah Named MacArthur Fellow
June 2022 Newsletter
  • New Classes Inducted to the ASE/EM Academy of Distinguished Alumni
  • ASE and COE Seniors Collaborate on Aircraft Design Projects
  • Newly-Funded Research
  • Outreach Project Aims to Excite K-12 Texas Students About Biomechanics
  • Gregory Rodin: The Intuitive Mathematician
March 2022 Newsletter
  •  Karen Willcox and Michael Watkins Elected to NAE
  • Maruthi Akella Elected Fellow of AIAA
  • John-Paul Clarke's Rules of Life: 'Do Fun and Challenging Things'
  • Margaret Baguio of the Center for Space Research Honored with NSF Outreach Award
  • Tyler Summers Wins NSF CAREER for Control Systems on Autonomous Vehicles
December 2021 Newsletter
  • Launch Texas Program Receives First Seed Funding Gift
  • ASE/EM Plays Crucial Role in NASA's ICESat-2 Mission
  • Wireless E-Tattoo for Pneumonia Aims to Transform Patient Monitoring
  • Key NASA Mission Gives Undergrads a Jumpstart into Research
  • 5 Questions with Alumnus Arthur Erickson, CEO and Co-found of Hylio
June 2021 Newsletter
  • Congratulations, Class of 2021
  • Meet the Newest ASE/EM Academy of Distinguished Alumni Members
  • Using Machine Learning and Radar to Understand How Land Types Influence Storm Risks
  • Advanced Technique for Developing Digital Twins Makes Tech Universally Applicable
  • Communities Living Near Polluted Superfund Sites Have Lower Life Expectancy
March 2021 Newsletter
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Scale New Heights Thanks to NASA
  • Studying the Mechanics of Blood Clots (NSF CAREER)
  • Texas ASE/EM Women Making History
  • NI to Support Texas Rocket Engineering Laboratory in Development of Space-capable Rocket
  • Students Win Brooke Owens and Patti Grace Smith Fellowships
December 2020 Newsletter
  • Hypersonics Project Aims to Transform Sensing for High-Speed Vehicles
  • Developing Electric Propulsion for Low Orbit Altitudes (AFOSR YIP)
  • Machines Rise to the Grand Challenges of the 21st Century
  • Stephanie Wilson in the Running to Become First Woman to Walk the Moon
  • Senior Aircraft Design Team Makes History with Fully Autonomous Mission