Alumna Stephanie Wilson made UT Austin's 2021 list of women who have made history.  

Alumnus Michael Webber authored this opinion piece on diversifying Texas' grid after the recent statewide freeze in 2021.

Alumnus Chris Combs is featured in this San Antonio Express-News for his work in hypersonics and building up the aerospace engineering program at UT San Antonio.

John-Paul Clarke co-authored this piece on how the aviation industry made major changes to business and operations models to stay in the air during the pandemic.

Moriba Jah is featured in this BBC podcast, the Inquiry, where he discusses the millions of pieces of dangerous manmade debris orbiting Earth.

This Fox 7 News video features professors John-Paul Clarke and Ufuk Topcu discussing the future of autonomous cargo transportation systems which includes doorstep drone delivery.

Associate professor Ufuk Topcu is featured on KXAN News discussing NASA Aeronautics autonomous cargo transportation research.

What would happen if one day all of humanity’s artificial satellites suddenly disappeared? Within hours, most of the planet’s traffic would grind to a halt, the world economy would shut down, and most countries would declare a state of emergency. Even in the best-case scenario, our civilization would be set back by decades. So, what are the odds of this actually happening? Moriba Jah investigates.

Ufuk Topcu and J-P Clarke are featured in the Austin Business Journal for leading a NASA-funding project to develop autonomous vehicles for cargo transportation.

Todd Humphreys weighs in on the vulnerability of GPS and the need for a backup system in this New York Times opinion piece.

Moriba Jah discusses how congestion in space could cause big problems on Earth in this video interview with the Verge.

Moriba Jah weighs in on what he believes NASA must focus on during the Biden Administration in this opinion piece.

Noel Clemens is collaborating with alumnus Christopher Combs of UTSA to use new high tech cameras to study the effects of aircraft traveling at hypersonic and supersonic speeds.

Moriba Jah teams up with IBM to tackle the growing issue of orbital space debris. The partnership will help to develop better analysis and tracking of objects orbiting the Earth.

Associate Professor Moriba Jah writes about his experience as becoming the first tenured African American professor in the Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Department at UT Austin.