Seminar Procedures

To coordinate and publicize your weekly area seminar, please complete the online seminar web form. At least one week's notice is requested for proper dissemination.

Standard Seminar Publicizing

The following is the format for standard seminar publicity.


Seminars will be listed chronologically on the seminars department web page.


A small number of copies will be printed and posted if the seminar information is received at least one week in advance.


An email will be sent out Monday morning announce the week’s seminars. An additional notice will be sent out the morning of the seminar. To be added to the email list-serv, send an email to with the following subject line: Subscribe ase-em-seminars


ASE 1.126 and ASE 2.134 are reserved for weekly seminars on Tue/Thu at 3:30 p.m. Seminars submitted via the online seminar form on these day/times will be automatically assigned to one of these rooms.

If two seminars are requested for the same day and time, EM faculty are automatically assigned to ASE 1.126 and ASE faculty are automatically assigned to ASE 2.134.

If a seminar must be held at a time other than the regularly scheduled seminar times or if both designated seminar rooms are already booked, faculty will be asked to make their own room arrangements. The Department Conference Room is not an option for hosting seminars.


We will provide coffee and cookies for the seminars held in ASE. NOTE: If your seminar falls on a time/day other than the regularly scheduled seminar times (Tues/Thurs 3:30 pm), we may not have students available to assist with refreshments. In that case, we will ask that one of your graduate students handle the refreshment arrangements with departmental supplies.


PhD defense room scheduling and publicity will follow the same guidelines as seminars, except for refreshments. Graduate students will be solely responsible for purchasing/coordinating refreshments to be served during their defense.

Special Seminars

If you plan to hold a special seminar that you expect will attract a much larger target audience, we will refer your request to the Department Chair for his input on the best scenario to publicize the event.