Department Fellow Policy

Approved by the ASE/EM Budget Council on 8/18/2016

The purpose of the Department Fellow appointment is to give tenured faculty a sabbatical-like experience that enables them one semester free of teaching to pursue faculty development activities. Appointees will be paid their normal salary and are allowed to travel, if desired. The Department Fellow policy as approved by the ASE/EM Budget Council is as follows:

  1. Up to two Department Fellows will be awarded per year.
  2. Faculty must have six years of service before being eligible for a Department Fellow or a subsequent Department Fellow (i.e., a Department Fellow can be awarded no more frequently than every seventh year).
  3. Faculty members with some other type of course relief (e.g., endowed chairs or assistant professors) are not eligible for this program; however, faculty members who have course relief owing to major administrative assignments are eligible. A faculty member who buys out of teaching (to go from 3 to 2 courses) remains eligible during the buyout year.
  4. The Department Fellow program will provide relief from teaching for one long semester for faculty development in the areas of research or teaching.
  5. Because the Department Fellow program has no funding support for adjunct faculty, faculty will be expected to teach two courses in the semester that they are not on leave during the year they are a Department Fellow.
  6. As with the previous Dean’s Fellow program, an application to the department and approval of the Area Coordinator will be required. Go to application.
  7. Award decisions will be made by a committee consisting of the Department Chair, the Associate Chairs and the Area Coordinators. Benefits to the Department, ability to meet the Area’s teaching obligations, and time since last faculty development leave of any type will be considered in selecting Department Fellows.