This fall, a group of aerospace engineering majors watched two of their projects fly aboard NASA’s WB-57 research aircraft at Ellington Field/NASA-JSC as part of NASA’s SOAR program.

Associate Professor Jayant Sirohi and aerospace engineering graduate students, Young-Joon Choi and Daiju Uehara, received Best Paper awards for rotor blade research.

From designing drones to training astronauts to performing research at NASA, our graduating students plan to make a difference in their fields when they step off the Forty Acres. We wish them all the best in their endeavors and visited with a few of them on their way out the door.

Assistant Professor Tan Bui-Thanh has received three new research grants to tackle the challenge of quantifying the uncertainty in the solution of large-scale data-driven inverse problems.

ASE/EM associate professor Nanshu Lu and Deji Akinwande of the ECE department have developed the thinnest wearable health monitoring e-tattoo made of graphene.