On September 1, I started the basic astronaut training program at the European Astronaut Center in Cologne, Germany. I am sure that the next many years will be full of excitement and adventure, but I hope they will also be as stimulating, challenging, and above all, as much fun as the four years that I spent at UT.

A more inspirational life story would be hard to find, even on a campus as large and diverse as UT. Many will remember Jeffrey Mikeska, BS ’08, as someone who overcame great hardship to complete his dual degrees in aerospace engineering and biology with a concentration in neurobiology.

Armand Chaput has been selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Langley Research Center Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate (SACD) as a member of the 2009 SACD Peer Review Team.

Suk-kyu Ryu, an aerospace engineering graduate student, received a best presentation award from Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) TECHCON for his paper entitled “Thermal Mechanical Reliability of Air Gap Interconnects."

Aerospace engineering professor Gregory J. Rodin, engineering mechanics graduate student Reza Soheilifard, and College of Natural Sciences associate professor Dmitrii Makarov have co-authored a paper that has been chosen for the 2008 Highlights of the journal Physical Biology.