At the beginning of the semester in which you expect to graduate, visit the Graduate School website  and follow graduation instructions for that semester. This link gives the deadlines associated with graduation and the forms which must be submitted. All forms must be completed before requesting the signature of the Graduate Advisor or the Chairman of the ASE Graduate Studies Committee (this is the same person in our program).

Course Requirement

You must register for EM X99W during the semester just prior to graduation. The 'X' can be taken for 3, 6, or 9 credit hours per semester.

Filing for Graduation

At the beginning (approximately the first two weeks) of the semester in which you think you will graduate, get a Doctoral Graduation Packet from the Graduate School. Online forms can also be found on the Graduate School website. However, they are not identical, so get the paper version and use the web forms when you can. It contains an application for graduation, and the Request for Final Oral (printed on pink paper).


When the Graduate Advisor signs the gold form after the dissertation defense, he certifies you for the degree.


The deadline for submitting the gold form, the dissertation, and the signature sheet to the Graduate School is the last day of the semester.

Missed Deadline

If you miss the deadline, you must continue to enroll for another semester, and you must reapply for graduation. If you turn in the gold form and dissertation before the beginning of the next semester, you need only sign up for EM 399W and reapply for graduation. An exception is at the end of the summer. If you turn in everything before the beginning of the fall semester, you can register in absentia.