Research Areas
woman in lab looking at large flame from behind machinery

aero fluids image

This area involves research in hypersonics, aerodynamics, turbulence, plasma science and engineering, mixing combustion and gas dynamics in space science.

one student working on tall robot

man in lab with robots working on robot

This area involves research in system theory, controls, networks, autonomy, and robotics with applications to the navigation, guidance, control, and flight mechanics of space, air, sea, and land based vehicles.

students looking at monitor with space imagery

two people standing in front of large screen with digital image

This area involves study and research in orbital mechanics, space geodesy, and remote sensing in the context of spacecraft and celestial bodies. Research in this area is motivated and sponsored by customers including NASA, Department of Defense, other governmental agencies, and the rapidly growing commercial space industry.

thin microchip being put on arm

gloved hands with electronic tattoo being placed on arm

This area involves study and research in mechanics of composite materials, fracture mechanics, nano and micromechanics of materials, biomaterials, soft materials, constitutive equations, mechanical behavior at high strain rates, structural analysis, and structural stability.