For students taking the Thesis/Report degree option, the thesis and graduation are related topics because you must file for graduation at the beginning of the semester in which you think you will graduate, whether or not you have started writing the thesis. Forms can be found on the Graduate School website.

Thesis Research

To get credit for thesis research, you must first take EM 698A (3 hours) and then EM 698B (3 hours). You must take both courses, and you cannot take both courses in the same semester. Also, you must be registered for EM 698B in the semester that you intend to graduate. Once you have completed EM 698A, it is possible to take EM 698B repeatedly until you graduate.

Report Research

To get credit for report research, you must take EM 398R (3 hours). You must be registered for EM 398R in the semester that you intend to graduate. It is possible to take EM 398R repeatedly until you graduate.

Additional Research

To spend more than three hours doing research under EM 698A or B, or EM 398R, you can take EM 397K or 697K in addition to 698A or B. These courses fulfill the requirements for full-time students for financial aid but do not count toward the degree.

Thesis Committee

Your thesis committee is your Supervisor plus a Reader. The Supervisor must be a member of the EM Graduate Studies Committee. The Reader can be another faculty member (ASE or not) or a qualified researcher. If the Reader is a UT faculty member, you need not do anything further. If the Reader is a UT researcher, you must submit a copy of the researcher's resume so the Graduate School can decide if the researcher is qualified to be on your committee. If the faculty member or researcher is away from UT, you need both a resume and a letter signed by the Reader indicating the willingness to serve without cost to UT.

(*In the case that there is a discrepancy between the degree requirements as listed on the website and in the Graduate Catalog, the Graduate Catalog takes precedence over anything on the website.)