M.S. students will follow a 10‐course non‐thesis curriculum, which is taken over three to four semesters. The degree received will be an M.S. in Engineering, which will comprise 5-6 technical courses and 4-5 business/entrepreneurship courses. We allow some flexibility on the number of business courses depending on the student’s background. For Ph.D. students, the program requires no additional technical courses but requires three courses in business and entrepreneurship.

Students engaged with Launch Texas are expected to participate in Texas Innovation Center seminars and networking events. 


M.S. Program Elements Requirements
Technical/Engineering Courses At least five courses (15 credit hours)
Business & Entrepreneurship Courses At least four courses (12 credit hours)
Seminar Series Attendance is mandatory
Texas Innovation Center Activities & Events Attend a minimum of three per semester

Engineering Courses

Please refer to the Aerospace Engineering catalog for available courses. At least five 3 credit hour courses are required.

Business and Entrepreneurship Courses

At most, five 3‐credit‐hour courses are required from the following list:

McComb’s School of Business

MAN 385:
Texas Venture Labs Practicum – M. Price
Opportunity Identification and Analysis – J. Doggett
Entrepreneurship and Incubation – G. Pogue
Leading Innovation and Change – A. Davern
New Venture Creation – M. Peterson
Entrepreneurial Growth – J. Doggett

FIN 394:
New Venture Finance – J. Alexander

Cockrell School of Engineering

ASE 389:
STEM Innovation and Technology Commercialization