Q. What type of preparation is expected of Launch Texas students?

A. This program terminates in the degree of Master of Science in Engineering, and so we expect the student to come into the program having demonstrated technical competence in the field of aerospace. The ideal student will come into the program with a bachelor’s in aerospace, although related fields, and work experience, will be considered.

Q. I have a non-technical undergraduate degree. Am I eligible for Launch Texas?

A. Launch Texas students will need to be knowledgeable about the aerospace technologies that they commercialize, and so we expect incoming students to have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, and preferably, aerospace engineering. The less aerospace engineering competence that a student has will increase the number of remedial classes that need to be taken and will lengthen the duration of the master’s program.

Q. Do I need to have business training as an undergraduate?

A. No. However, we do have a requirement that students take undergraduate-level accounting before they graduate, but this does not count toward the M.S. degree. You can take accounting at UT, or even during the summer at your local community college. 

Q. Is the program highly competitive?

A. Success in business requires a different skill set than what would lead to success in a research career. As a consequence, we are looking for students that have demonstrated basic competence in aerospace engineering, but importantly, that have an interest in business, networking, and starting a business upon graduation. We will take a holistic view of each student’s background in the admissions process. As a general rule, Launch Texas students may have a broader spectrum of undergraduate academic performance than in traditional research-focused programs.

Q. Can I apply for the spring semester?

A. Yes, you may apply for either spring or fall. Note that the course selection will vary depending on which semester you enroll in. Enrolling in the fall is generally preferable to maximize course offerings.

Q. What are the types of entrepreneurial and technology commercialization engagements specific to Launch Texas?

A. Launch Texas students will be organized into a cohort, and will engage with startups, investors, and established Fortune 500 companies to learn about the interplay of their technical education with the nuance of business and market creation. Students will hear from aerospace student/faculty startups on their experience, attend lunch and learns with investors to get insights on startup investment strategies, and network with UT startup founders in various market sectors to widen their foundation of entrepreneurial experience.