Once both the written and oral exams have been passed, a Dissertation Committee is formed, and application for Candidacy is made.

Dissertation Committee

In consultation with your Supervisor, select someone to add to the Oral Exam Committee to form the Dissertation Committee, and get the approval of the Graduate Advisor before officially inviting this person to be on the committee. This person must be from outside the department, and it can be a faculty member or a qualified researcher. If the person is a UT faculty member, you do not need to provide any credentials. If the person is a UT researcher, you must provide a copy of the researcher's resume so the Graduate School can decide if the researcher is qualified to be on your committee. If the faculty member or researcher is not from UT, you need both a resume and a letter signed by the person indicating the willingness to serve without cost to UT.


First, fill out and print a copy of the ASE PhD Program of Work form. List the courses you are counting toward the PhD degree. Have this form signed by the Graduate Advisor, and return it to the Graduate Coordinator. The remainder of the application consists of the on-line Application for Doctoral Candidacy for Doctoral Candidacy. If everything is in order, you should be notified by the Graduate School within a few weeks that you have been admitted to Candidacy. From this point on you can register for ASE X99R to start getting credit for your dissertation research.


All Departmental forms are available ASE/EM Grad Student Portal on Canvas.