At the beginning of the graduation semester, get a copy of Masters Deadlines from the Graduate School. It gives all the details about graduation in that semester including all the forms which must be submitted and when. Forms which require the Graduate Advisor's signature must be completely filled out prior to requesting the signature.

Filing for Graduation

During the first two weeks of the semester in which you plan to graduate (one week in the summer), fill out and print the Program of Work form . List only the courses which count toward your MS degree. Have this form signed by the Graduate Advisor, and return it to the Graduate Coordinator. The Graduate Coordinator will enter the electronic Program of Work. After it is final approved, go to the Graduate School website and select the link for Graduation Guidelines and Deadlines for Master's Candidates and follow instructions.

Missed Deadline

If you miss the graduation deadline at the end of the semester, you must continue to register for ASE 698B (Thesis )or ASE 398R (Report) in the next session in order to graduate. An exception to this rule occurs only at the end of the summer session. If you miss the summer deadline but you turn in the thesis before the beginning of the fall semester, you can register in absentia for the fall semester (this give you approximately a two week extension, but your degree will post as a fall graduate). In absentia registration costs $25 (see Tina Woods for details).




All departmental forms are available ASE/EM Grad Student Portal on Canvas.