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Industry Partnership

UT Launches New Rocket Engineering Program

UT Austin and Firefly Academy have partnered to establish Firefly@UT - a $1M program that will offer UT students the opportunity to design, develop and assemble an industrial-scale rocket.

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Texas ASE/EM Has Moved

The ASE/EM department has moved from the WRW building to the ASE building located on the main UT campus at 2617 Wichita St.

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Faculty Positions

Join Our Faculty

Learn more about our faculty openings for tenured faculty and non tenure-track positions.

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Department News

Fear of Robotics, AI Threatens Our Progress | San Antonio Express

In this opinion piece published in the San Antonio Express, Professor Luis Sentis discusses the value of robots that will "enrich the human experience."

Alumnus Payam Banazadeh CEO/Founder of First U.S. Company to Send SAR Satellite to Space

Alumnus Payam Banazadeh is the CEO and founder of Capella Space, which just became the first U..S. company to launch a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite to space.

Alumnus Alan Stern Discusses NASA's New Horizons Mission

Alumnus Alan Stern answered questions about NASA's New Horizons mission on Reddit. The team is preparing for a New Year's Day  encounter with "Ultima Thule," a Kuiper Belt object, which will mark the farthest spacecraft flyby in history.

What is Computational Engineering?

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Learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Computational Engineering degree—the first of its kind in the nation—which focuses on giving students the opportunity to work on complex 21st-century engineering problems within a wide range of real-world applications. Graduates of this new program will be well prepared for the engineering jobs of the future. Whether they choose to pursue employment in industry, government or consulting, they will have the tools they need to succeed.

8th Aerospace Engineering Graduate Program

U.S. News & World Report

8th Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate Program

U.S. News & World Report

4th Most Influential Research Institution in Aerospace

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9th Aerospace Engineering Program

Center for World University Rankings