This year in honor of World Space Week, we highlight some space research accomplishments by our students, faculty and alumni. Learn more about the happenings in the Texas Spacecraft Laboratory, the upcoming Earth-observing GRACE-FO mission, faculty research on space exploration robots and space traffic management, chasing the solar eclipse, and more.

grace-fo twin satellites

GRACE-FO is Earth's Friend

The GRACE-FO satellites were successfully deployed in May 2018. Learn more about the mission and UT Austin's efforts, led by Srinivas Bettadpur, director of the Center for Space Research.

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valkyrie image

Building Future Bots to Assist Astronauts and Boost Physical Strength

Luis Sentis and his students are bringing science fiction to life by creating humanoid robots that can lend a hand on space missions and give the human body a bionic boost.

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moriba jah speaking photo

TEDx Talk: Space Traffic and the Tragedy of the Commons

Watch this TEDxTalk by space traffic expert Moriba Jah who discusses the growing population and concerns of trackable man-made objects that are orbiting the earth, much of which is not functional, or space garbage.

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solar eclipse blue image

Chasing the Solar Eclipse

Alumnus Charles Mallini, Branch Chief of NASA's WB-57F Program, answers questions about his involvement with chasing the solar eclipse with NASA research jets during the Aug. 21 solar eclipse.

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armadillo satellite photo

Texas Spacecraft Laboratory Prepares for ARMADILLO Launch

Members of the Texas Spacecraft Lab are gaining valuable hands-on experience with space research by designing, building and operating satellites and are currently preparing for the 2018 ARMADILLO satellite launch.

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radar satellite image

Alumnus Startup Company Creates Space-Based Radar Satellites

Alumnus Payam Banazadeh is working on small satellite technology to produce frequent images of the Earth that could aid in disaster relief, city planning, oil and gas applications and more. 

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andreas mogensen hook-em

Longhorns in Space

Did you know that six of our ASE/EM alumni are astronauts? The University of Texas at Austin sent its first astronaut into space in 1969, when Alan Bean became the fourth person to walk on the moon. Since then UT has graduated 11 more astronauts who in total have flown more than 533 days in space. 

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