Travel for Student Organizations

This policy applies to the travel of student members of a registered student organization when:

  • The organization requires its student members to attend an activity or event
  • AND the activity or event occurs more than 25 miles from the university campus.

Travel for registered student organizations funded by Cockrell School’s Engineering Student Life Office must make arrangements through this office. Please review the travel information and complete the student organization travel checklist.

Travel for student organizations funded by the Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Department must:

1) Contact the department administrator in charge of accounts to verify that funding is in place.

2) Once funding has been verified, contact the department’s travel administrator with the following information for each individual traveling:

  • Full Name (an up-to-date address or *direct deposit* for reimbursement)
  • UT EID
  • Birthdate
  • Dates of travel
  • Destination
  • Purpose for travel

Individual travel authorization requests must be completed for each participant. This information must be provided to the department administrator at least 60 days in advance.

Linked below are the forms that are required for student travel. These forms should be completed and signed by each individual traveling.

Travel Forms Needed (located on Cockrell School’s Travel site):

There are adult student (18 and over) and minor student forms. These must be submitted to the departmental travel administrator 14 days prior to departure.

Important Notes 

  • The prime booking window for airline ticket purchase can be as much as 3 ½ months out (but no less than 3 weeks).
  • To confirm a SUV or similar large car at least 2-3 months’ notice is needed.
  • A bus charter requires 4-5 months in advance.
  • Meal receipts are not required. Individuals will receive a $25.00 per diem per day for meals. Please figure this into the travel budget.
  • If presenting a paper at a conference, provide the title of the paper.
  • Provide copies of valid Texas operators' licenses and insurance coverage for any students who will operate vehicles.
  • Present gasoline receipts to the travel administrator upon return.

NOTE: Students on Academic Probation in Engineering will not be allowed to participate in field trips associated with extracurricular activities. This does not apply to course related field trips.

Special Events Health Insurance

Special Events Health Insurance is required for uninsured students who travel to University Organized or Sponsored Events, or when travel is required for Registered Student Organizations.

Payment from program funds will be at the rate of $4.00 per day for each student for the duration of the trip. This amount should be calculated in your proposed budget.