To process a reimbursement for travel expenses you must do the following: 

  • Contact the department’s travel administrator and make arrangements for all students traveling.
  • Keep itemized receipts and proof of purchase for all travel expenses for reimbursement.

    • If paying with a credit card the proof of purchase is sometimes a separate receipt from the itemized receipt. Both are required.
    • If a student pays for the hotel a "zero hotel bill" is required, indicating that the account has been paid.
  • All participants will be paid a $25 per diem for meal reimbursements. Receipts are no longer required.

Important Notes

  • Reimbursement for hotel Texas sales tax is not allowed. (If traveling within Texas ask for a tax exempt form).
  • TIPS (up to 20% of subtotal) are acceptable if clearly marked.
  • Individual travelers are responsible for their own expenses. For example, if a hotel room is shared, the bill must be split at the time of payment. Only one student can be reimbursed for individual hotel expenses.
  • Airfare and rental car can be charged directly to the department, avoiding reimbursement.
  • The department has a student travel card that makes it possible to direct bill the department for the hotel. Please talk to the travel administrator about this benefit.
  • Please turn in receipts to travel administrator in a timely matter. Timing of reimbursements is regulated by the IRS.