photo of Vrishank Jannu

Vrishank Jannu


Computational Engineering


Atlanta, GA

What aspect of computational engineering interests you most?

I like how it combines two very important fields in today's world (mechanical engineering and computer science) in order to solve complex problems that can be applied in nearly every industry including energy, healthcare and finance. This degree is perfect for students who are still figuring out what type of career they want to pursue following their undergraduate studies because it really exposes you to so many different concepts while having a solid foundation in mechanical engineering and computer science.

What has been your biggest reward while pursuing your computational degree at UT? 

I love the small, tight-knit community and I feel I have met some friends for life already. Everyone is so unique and talented in many different ways and it is a privilege being able to persevere through challenging and rigorous coursework together. This speaks volumes coming from a student who began online learning during the pandemic as a transfer student from Texas A&M.

Who has been your most influential COE, ASE or EM professor and why?

Dr. Moriba Jah has been my most influential professor. I took his Engineering Probability and Statistics class in the Fall 2021 semester. What stood out to me the most about Dr. Jah was that he brought in one of his graduate students who was doing research under him and he highlighted his research and explained how the concepts we were learning in Dr. Jah's class apply heavily to the success and motivations of his research. Dr. Jah spent multiple classes before the final exam date helping us prepare for the exam itself which I found to be quite helpful.

What has been your most influential COE, ASE or EM course and why?

During the Fall 2021 Semester, I took NSC 325 (The Inventors Program: Energy) as my foundational elective. This class sparked my interest in several career fields including product management, data analytics, and science and machine learning. By the end of this class, two students and I developed a random forest regression model that predicts the failure of sucker rod pumps and identifies leading causes of failure. We presented our solution to dozens of mentors, professionals, and engineers at ConocoPhillips. My interest in working in the energy industry significantly grew from this experience and it ultimately inspired me to apply for the Information Technology Internship at ConocoPhillips. I will be interning here this upcoming summer of 2022!

How do you plan to use your COE degree in the future?

I have not yet fully settled on a specific career path. However, I would like to work in information technology for a company in the energy industry and leverage the power of cloud computing services and resources to develop sustainable solutions while meeting the growing energy demand.

Where is your favorite place to study?

My favorite place to study is on the 4th floor in the Union. It can be a little chilly but the Austin heat makes it a perfect study spot.

What are some things you really enjoy about living in Austin, TX?

I have lived in Austin since my senior year of high school. Breakfast Tacos and Tex-Mex in general is amazing in Austin. As someone who craves Thai food, Madam Maam's and Titaya's Thai are my most frequently visited restaurants. Austin has a lot of awesome hiking trails including River Place, Boardwalk, and Brushy Creek. I love canoeing on Lady Bird Lake as well.

What are three things that most people don't know about you?
  • I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia for 7 years but I also lived in Salt Lake City, Utah for 8 years before moving to Austin, Texas. 

  • I founded and coordinated a citywide recycling service for dozens of neighborhoods and underserved communities in Utah collecting over 5500 bags and 3200 boxes.

  • I played competitive ice hockey for a year on my high school's hockey team in Utah.