The Bachelor of Science in Computational Engineering degree requires 122 hours. The chart below will give a general outline of the required curriculum and a suggested arrangement of the coursework based on prerequisites.  It is strongly recommended students make an appointment with an Academic Advisor if there are any uncertainties or questions as to how their personal coursework will apply to the degree plan.

Undergraduate Degree Plan and Flow Chart

Undergraduate Catalogs are determined by the first semester a student enrolls at The University of Texas at Austin. For example, if you first enrolled in Fall 2015, you would be in the 2014-2016 catalog; if you first enrolled in Fall 2010, you would be in the 2010-2012 catalog. More information may be found at the main registrar site.

Technical Electives

The degree requires fifteen hours of technical elective coursework that includes specified coursework. The list given includes pre-approved course options.  Other courses may be considered, but must be approved by the Faculty Advisor.

COE Program Objectives and Student Outcomes

Undergraduate program objectives and student outcomes for the computational engineering program are listed here.

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