Cockrell School of Engineering Scholarship Office

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships through the Cockrell School of Engineering Scholarship Office located in EJC 2.106; (512) 475-6830. Contact the UT Austin Student Financial Aid Office for additional sources of financial assistance.

The Engineering Career Assistance Center (ECAC)

The Engineering Career Assistance Center provides engineering students with a wide variety of workshops and job placement services. Call (512) 471-1915 or stop by ECJ 2.400 for additional information.

Cooperative Engineering Program

The Cooperative Engineering Program permits undergraduate students to obtain one year of full-time work experience directly related to their field of study. After completing three semesters of work, alternating semesters of on-campus study at UT, students receive 3 hours of technical elective credit. The Co-op office is a division of ECAC in ECJ 2.400; (512) 471-5954.

Engineering Student Services Office

The Cockrell School of Engineering Student Services Office oversees student records, academic policies and regulations, and student counseling. The office is located in ESS; (512) 471-4321.

undergraduate advising team photo

Undergraduate Advisors

Our undergraduate advising team is ready to help current and prospective students navigate their way through the degree plan and university life.


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