The following contains a brief description of room capacity and equipment available for each room.

WRW 410 - Conference Room

NOTE: Beginning with the Fall semester 2013, WRW 410 will be held for use of ASE/EM faculty and staff between the hours of 9 AM and 4 PM. Student groups and individual students may reserve for events before 9 AM and after 4 PM. The exceptions to the faculty/staff only rule between 9 and 4 will be organized courses that have no other possible location, dissertation defenses and oral qualifiers.

Seating: 7 interchangeable tables which can be set up as 1 large conference table or classroom style. 16 chairs on rolling pallets and 20 stackable chairs around the perimeter. Maximum capacity of 36-40. You MUST return the room to its original configuration after your meeting. Failure to do so may result in your loss of use for the room in the future.

Equipment: Overhead projector/automatic screen; Desktop PC; 2 Dry erase boards; Buffet area for refreshments.

WRW 310 - Conference Room

Seating: 1 table with 10 chairs on rolling pallets and 10 stackable chairs around the perimeter. Maximum capacity of 20.

Equipment: Overhead projector/automatic screen; Speaker phone; Room darkening shades; Doc cam; Console which supports both Mac and PC laptops; 2 Dry erase boards.

WRW 312 - Classroom

Seating: 24

WRW 413 - Classroom

Seating: 20

WRW 102 - Classroom*

Seating: 139

WRW 113 - Classroom*

Seating: 56

*Classrooms WRW 102 and 113 are general purpose classrooms. Please call the WRW Reception Desk at (512) 471-7593 or visit WRW 215 for reservations.