To add, drop or change a course, complete and sign the Request for Change in Course Inventory Form, then print and submit a hard copy to Sarah Kitten in WRW 211A for undergraduate courses or Tina Woods in WRW 215D for graduate courses. Following submission, the request will be processed and submitted to the course inventory system.

The deadline for faculty to submit requests is Nov. 1 for the following academic year. For example, changes to the inventory effective Fall 2013 must be submitted by Nov. 1, 2012.


Department Fellow Policy

Approved by the ASE/EM Budget Council on 8/18/2016

The purpose of the Department Fellow appointment is to give tenured faculty a sabbatical-like experience that enables them one semester free of teaching to pursue faculty development activities. Appointees will be paid their normal salary and are allowed to travel, if desired. The Department Fellow policy as approved by the ASE/EM Budget Council is as follows:  

  1. Up to two Department Fellows will be awarded per year.
  2. Faculty must have six years of service before being eligible for a Department Fellow or a subsequent Department Fellow (i.e., a Department Fellow can be awarded no more frequently than every seventh year).
  3. Faculty members with some other type of course relief (e.g., endowed chairs or assistant professors) are not eligible for this program; however, faculty members who have course relief owing to major administrative assignments are eligible. A faculty member who buys out of teaching (to go from 3 to 2 courses) remains eligible during the buyout year.
  4. The Department Fellow program will provide relief from teaching for one long semester for faculty development in the areas of research or teaching.
  5. Because the Department Fellow program has no funding support for adjunct faculty, faculty will be expected to teach two courses in the semester that they are not on leave during the year they are a Department Fellow.
  6. As with the previous Dean’s Fellow program, an application to the department and approval of the Area Coordinator will be required. Go to application.
  7. Award decisions will be made by a committee consisting of the Chairman, the Associate Chairs and the Area Coordinators. Benefits to the Department, ability to meet the Area’s teaching obligations, and time since last faculty development leave of any type will be considered in selecting Department Fellows.

Personal reimbursement is for entertainment and travel ONLY All other expenses should be done through a procard, UT Market, or purchase order. 

To process a reimbursement for entertainment expenses we must have the following items (no exceptions):

1) Name, EID and Mailing Address of individual or business being reimbursed (mailing address where you want the reimbursement to be sent).

2) Itemized Receipt and Proof of Purchase on ALL items on which you are requesting reimbursement. We must have BOTH of these receipts.

Proof of payment receipt shows the total (With tip, if applicable) and the total amount paid: $40.00 subtotal + $8.00 tip = $48.00 paid via cash or credit card.


Payment for meals is reimbursed only for official visitors, including prospective faculty and invited lecturers, and other official occasions as defined above. The Cockrell School has established the average per‐person reimbursement limits for meals (See below). Departments may establish lower reimbursement limits. The meal limits include tax and tip (up to 20%) regardless of account used for payment. The “NO Sales Tax” rule does not apply when you are eating at a restaurant but does for takeout or catered events. Tax is not reimbursable for takeout or catered events. In such cases, a University of Texas Tax Exempt Form must be given to the vendor.

Meal limits per person:

Breakfast: $20/person
Lunch: $30/person
Dinner/Reception: $75/person

Expenses for alcohol may not be the primary expenditure submitted for reimbursement, that is, greater than 50% of the total expense. In general, alcohol only expenses will not be reimbursed except in development meetings with donors or prospective donors. The justification for alcohol only reimbursement must be documented on the Official Occasion Expense Form.

Attendees at faculty recruiting meals should be limited to the number who can reasonably interact with the faculty candidate. Meals generally should involve no more than four people (the candidate and three faculty members) or a total of six people if inclusion of spouses is justified.

Reimbursement for spouses or guests at a business meeting or meal is almost always not appropriate. There are special circumstances that allow reimbursement, such as during recruiting visits, provided the faculty recruit brings his/her own spouse or guest. Reimbursements for children are not appropriate, except for justified development purposes.

Reimbursement for alcohol is not allowed on any student recruiting visits.

Meals with colleagues and/or staff are almost always not reimbursable expenses. However, there may be special circumstances that justify reimbursement. For example, if a meeting must occur during the lunch hour because the conflicting schedules of the participants prevent the meeting at any other times, this expense is reimbursable.

For more information please consult the Handbook of Business Procedures.

Personal reimbursement is for entertainment and travel ONLY.  All other expenses should be done through a procard, UT Market, or purchase order.

UT Market

NOTE: This is the preferred method of purchasing.

If ordering from UT Market, create a shopping card with the item(s) needed first and then assign the cart to Amada Estrada using her EID (ame947). The person who created the cart will receive emails as the cart is processed and approved. The upside to using UT Market is convenience and better pricing (contract items are lower than on a vendor’s website). There are several vendors offering items in different areas such as computer and electronics, lab supplies, office supplies, etc. 

Online Orders

To purchase from an online vendor, please emailthe link(s) to each item(s) being requested to Amada Estrada. The link should take her directly to the item and not just the vendor’s website. This ensures the correct item is ordered. Please include quantity, size, color, (if applicable) on your request. If the vendor is someone she has never ordered from, she will need to verify if sales tax will be charged before the order can be placed.
NOTE: Amada has an Amazon prime membership, so eligible items will ship by the free 2-day prime delivery option.

Procard Checkout

To purchase from a local vendor, someone from your group will need to email Amada Estrada to check out the department procard. A copy of the UT Sales Tax Exemption Form will also be provided. It is important to present this form to the cashier so sales tax can be removed. If sales tax is charged, you will have to go back to the store to have it removed. Per deptartment policy, procards must be returned before 5 p.m. the day they are checked out. They are not allowed to be kept overnight or on weekends.  (Orders totaling $4,500.01 or more (with shipping) require a purchase order.)

Purchase Orders

Orders totaling $4,500.01 or more (excluding UT Market orders) require a purchase order. A quote from the vendor is required. The quote should include the vendor’s contact information (address, phone number, name of contact person and email address), a description of each item including part/stock #, price per item, quantity needed, shipping/delivery charges, F.O.B., and Lead Time. A vendor’s quote will normally include these things. When approved, Amada will email a copy of the purchase order to the vendor and the person who submitted the request. For orders over $15,000, additional information will be needed.  Solicitation Procedures, Purchasing Process

Computers, Printers, Etc.

Any computer, printer, accessories, or software orders should be sent to Scott Messec. When he receives your request, he will review it to be sure it meets UT guidelines, is compatible with what the department already has, and includes everything needed.   

NOTE: A student submitting a purchase request for a professor will need the professor’s approval before the order can be placed. The professor can email Amada Estrada his/her approval.


It is the policy of the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics to make a continuous effort to reduce accidents and to maintain a healthy workplace by supporting an effective safety program.

Personnel include but are not limited to all graduate and undergraduate students, permanent and visiting faculty, staff, and anyone else authorized to use our facilities.

Emergency Procedures and Numbers

These emergency procedures are for UT Austin use only and are presented as a quick reference. UT personnel should always contact their supervisor, Environmental Health and Safety personnel, and other trained emergency responders in the event of an emergency.

Campus and Safety and Security Emergency Terms

Campus emergencey preparedness information can be found here.

Department of Environmental Health & Safety

The mission of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is to promote healthy and safe operations on campus, to protect students, faculty, staff and visitors, and to ensure protection of the environment.

Manual and Forms (PDF files)

ASE/EM Departmental Safety Procedures and Practices Manual
Safety Inspection Form
Safety Suggestion/Concern Form