UT Austin, MD Anderson Announce First Collaborative Projects in United Fight to End Cancer

October 19, 2020

photo of cancer researcher viewing imagesCancer remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide. While advances in cancer diagnoses and treatments are promising, more is needed to address this devastating disease.

Earlier this year The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, UT Austin Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, and UT Austin Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) launched a new collaboration in oncological data and computational science. The strategic initiative creates a unique opportunity to align mathematical modeling and advanced computing methods with oncology expertise to bring forward new approaches that can improve outcomes for patients with unmet needs.

Texas ASE/EM Professor J. Tinsely Oden of the Oden Institute of Computational Engineering and sciences and alumnus David Fuentes of MD Anderson are involved with one of five projects to be funded through the collaboration. The team, along with Prashant Jha of the Oden Institute, will integrate a new mechanistic model of tumor growth with an advanced form of MRI to reveal underlying metabolic alterations in tumors and lead to new treatments for patients.

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