Jayant Sirohi Wins ASE/EM LUNAR Council Teaching Award

November 11, 2015

Jayant Sirohi, an associate professor of aerospace engineering and engineering mechancis, is the recipient of the 2015 Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics (ASE/EM) LUNAR Council Teaching Award. The award is given to an ASE/EM faculty member in recognition of the impact faculty make on students’ educational experience through superior teaching.

Members of LUNAR (Leadership, Undergraduate Networking and Recruitment) Council, an ASE student leadership organization that represents all department student groups and organizations, selected Sirohi based on the content of student responses and numerical ratings. Undergraduate students can provide feedback to LUNAR, thus actively participating in the growth and decision-making process within the department.

Sirohi was amused by the fact that there just so happened to be a full moon on the same day that LUNAR recognized him with the award. The award, which consisted of a plaque and a $500, was presented to him during his Electromechanical Systems class. Sirohi enjoys teaching and working with students, and said he was pleasantly surprised to receive the student recognition.

“It gives me great pleasure to watch the progression of my students as I teach them. I see them absorb knowledge, become more confident and solve difficult problems on their own,” Sirohi said.

“Receiving this award was such a pleasant surprise! I had no idea I was being considered for this award. Because the students spontaneously decided to give me this award, it is my most personally valuable recognition."

Undergraduate aerospace engineering students submitted their responses anonymously. Students who nominated Sirohi noted that he shows a genuine interest in his students by doing simple things like learning their names and recognizing when they miss class.

They also praised Sirohi’s commitment to ensuring that his students understand the material, while including real-life applications to facilitate learning.

“He frequently relates the classroom material to real-life scenarios and will sometimes leave his office to bring in a prop in order for students to understand what is physically going on. I do not know many professors that go above and beyond like he does,” one aerospace student said.

Another student recounted a time when Sirohi worked with them for two hours on a Saturday until they understood the material.

“He's always available for student interaction when we need help. Even if it's outside his allotted office hours, including over the weekend, he is always available.”

Sirohi joined the ASE/EM department in fall of 2008. His research interests are focused on high power density solid-state actuators, multifunctional structures, multi-mission capable micro/unmanned aerial vehicles, and rotorcraft design.

Previously he worked as a staff engineer in the Advanced Concept group at the Silkorsky Aircraft Corporation where he was involved designing vertical take-off aircraft and the performance enhancement of existing rotorcraft.

Sirohi leads a research group that is working on a new helicopter rotor system expected to improve the speed and efficiency of a helicopter. The group recently conducted its first wind tunnel test of the advanced rotor system.