Research Poster Design Guidelines

NOTE: These guidelines have been developed specifically for students who are creating research posters for the department events such as the External Advisory Committee meeting. Please be sure to follow the Cockrell School's visual guidelines, including suggested fonts, UT color palette and the official ASE/EM identities.


27” x 39” in portrait layout NOTE: It is especially important to adhere to the size specifications for uniformity and consistency if you are developing this poster for the department-hosted graduate recruiting event.


Print-ready PDF (export to highest resolution available)


White is recommended for the background.  Be sure to include a margin/border of at least 1" on all sides of your poster.


Use the highest resolution possible for all images. 300 dpi is preferred, or eps/vector images work well too since they are scalable.


The Cockrell School of Engineering follows The University of Texas at Austin's font recommendations.

Benton Sans/Benton Sans Condensed is the preferred primary font. GT Sectra is a secondary font. Both typefaces are available worldwide in PC and Apple formats. Arial is also acceptable for posters.


It’s okay to have a variety of colors in the posters. For suggestions on colors to use in sidebars, charts, graphs, follow UT’s official color palette here

ASE/EM Logos

Please be sure to follow the Visual Guidelines when using the official ASE/EM identities.