Thomas HughesProfessor Thomas J.R. Hughes has been elected a Distinguished Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

ASCE cites distinguished membership as its highest honor: “A Distinguished Member is a person who has attained eminence in some branch of engineering or in the arts and sciences related thereto, including the fields of engineering education and construction. The total number of Distinguished Members elected in any year should not exceed one for every 7,500 members of the society."

Hughes was cited “for major research contributions to the analysis of structural, solid, and fluid systems, for development of methods incorporated in industrial and commercial software used throughout the world, and for leadership in establishing the field of Computational Mechanics as a fundamental engineering discipline.”

Hughes is professor of aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics, holder of the Peter O’Donnell Jr. Chair in Computational and Applied Mathematics, and leader of the ICES Computational Mechanics Group.