Sarah Kitten, ASE Undergraduate Coordinator/Advisor, has been selected to receive the 2007-08 Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Staff Excellence Award. Sarah is currently the Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Advisor.

Some comments from her nomination letters include, “She is phenomenal. She has taken the initiative to do so many things and she does a great job of interfacing with students and parents”; “Sarah is always friendly, understanding, and above all, helpful. I don’t know how she stays so cheerful after listening to students’ problems all day, but I always leave her office in a better mood than I when I walked in”; “She has made so many changes for the better in the short time she has been in this department”; “ I feel like she is one of the few people on campus that cares about how I am doing. She is always in a good mood as well. I am sure she sees too many students every day, but she is never annoyed or in a hurry. She genuinely is glad to see me and helps with whatever questions I have.”

Sarah says, "Working in this department is like a dream job! Great colleagues and awesome students—what more could I ask for? I try to do everything with the students in mind and they have certainly provided the inspiration! I look forward to the future and know that with the bright, creative, and charismatic students in this department, I will never run out of new ideas to keep advising at its best! Thanks so much for this honor!"