Professors Ivo Babuska, Thomas J. R. Hughes and J. Tinsley Oden have been selected as Fellows of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) for their outstanding contributions to the fields served by SIAM.

They are among the distinguished members of SIAM in the initial class of Fellows. The creation of the SIAM Fellows program was approved by the membership last year.

"The initial Fellows were selected from among those SIAM members for which certain previous recognition places them clearly among those intended to be recognized by this program. This included members of certain national academies and corporate and laboratory fellowship programs, recipients of certain SIAM or ICIAM prizes, recent editors-in-chief of SIAM journals, and former SIAM presidents."

As Fellows, they will be recognized on the SIAM Fellows website, at the 2009 SIAM Annual Meeting Prizes and Awards Luncheon, in the prizes and awards brochure, in SIAM News, and in a press release issued by SIAM.