This year the Longhorn Rocket Association took large steps in the development of their program. Beginning in late January the LRA divided into two teams in order to develop several high powered amateur rockets. Each team had a goal in their design.

The first team designed a rocket that would take a one pound payload to a mile high. Included in this payload was a transmitting camera. Using this camera the LRA was able to transmit images of the rocket's flight in real time to the launch site. This rocket used a J-class hybrid engine providing 127 lbs of thrust.

The second team designed a rocket that would reach transonic speeds (Mach 0.8 to 1.2). This rocket used a L-class hybrid engine providing265 lbs of thrust. The team is pretty certain they were able to break the sound barrier.

On April 26, 2009 the Longhorn Rocket Association traveled to Meek Ranch, near Fredericksburg, TX, and successfully launched both of their rockets. The LRA was able to participate in an event called Rockets '09, a program aimed at getting high school students interested in aerospace engineering. Several of the members also volunteered in assisting these students launch the rocket designs of their own. Everyone involved was very excited to be there and the LRA looks forward to returning again next spring.

View footage from the camera on board rocket with the 1 lb payload.