Armand ChaputDr. Armand Chaput, Director of the ASE/EM Air System Laboratory and Adjunct Professor for Air System Design has been selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Langley Research Center Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate (SACD) as a member of the 2009 SACD Peer Review Team that will convene in Langley in November. The purpose of the Peer Review Team is to provide Directorate management with feedback on the scope and direction of their overall research effort and capabilities.

Chaput is a former member of US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board and the Naval Studies Board of the National Research Council and has served as a senior government advisor and peer reviewer for a number of years. Other members of the NASA Peer Review Team are from The Boeing Company, FAA National Headquarters, Essential Space Inc. and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

The SACD serves as the principal provider of aerospace system analysis products for Agency decision makers, strategic planners and programs. Products include mission architectures, advanced system concepts, system and capability/ technology trades, life-cycle cost and risk analyses and other information that is required to enable informed technical, programmatic and budgetary decisions.