Throughout the decades the Department of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics at The University of Texas has grown into one of the finest in the nation. Our graduates enter the workforce with the skills and knowledge to change the world through groundbreaking research, technological advances, and entrepreneurial ventures. Many of these alumni have given back to the university. We would like to thank those individuals who have faithfully given for 20 or more years. It is an elite group of alumni who have made their mark on the world both professionally and through their philanthropy.

George Botbyl, BS ASE '80

George BotbylHometown: Austin, TX
Employer: University of Texas ASE-EM Department, UT Center for Space Research, U.S. Air Force
Title: Retired Lecturer, Researcher, Pilot

Proudest Accomplishment: Receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross medal for combat actions as pilot of an AC-119K gunship during the Vietnam war.

UT Memories: I recall dropping a punched card deck that was a class research project on the way to the computation center and struggling to get the cards back in the correct order for the program to work. Took some time but finally was successful – card decks are now a part of history.

Edward Clemmer Jr. BS ASE '60

Ed ClemmerHometown: Palm Desert, CA
Employer: North American Aviation, American Airlines, U.S. Air Force
Title: Retired Pilot, Engineer, Teacher

Proudest Accomplishment:
Straight out of UT while working at North American Aviation, I was in charge of all of the aerodynamic heating wind tunnel testing on the Apollo. I could set up and perform any wind tunnel test in the country. It was a very challenging job and I was proud knowing I helped get a few astronauts back from the moon.

UT Memories: I was in the first class of Aerospace Engineering graduates. Before 1960, it was Aeronautical Engineering. It’s amazing to think we took all our basic engineering courses in one building – Taylor Hall.

R. David Ernst, BS ASE '63

Dave ErnstHometown: Weatherford, TX
Employer: Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Title: Engineering Senior Specialist

Proudest Accomplishment: Serving on a team that influenced both the design and manufacturing of the F-16 Fighting Falcon – the most successful jet fighter program in history.

On Giving Back: As a student, I paid out-of-state tuition and didn’t have scholarships. I was convinced that I had paid for my degree all on my own, and didn’t owe UT a thing. Later, I realized what I paid was a small fraction of what it cost the university to provide my education. Back in the ’50’s and ’60’s the state provided more than 80% of UT’s funding, and today is it just 14%. I contribute in my small way to help young people receive the same quality education that I received.