World Space Week, declared by the United Nations in 1999, is the largest public space event on Earth. The event runs Oct. 4-10 each year, with more than 73 nations celebrating around the globe with over 1,800 events.

From designing desktop tools to keeping spacecraft safe while in orbit, to working on important NASA space missions, to designing, building and launching small satellites, our faculty, students and alumni are making their mark in the field of aerospace engineering.

Brent Barbee at console

OSIRIS-REx Mission: Q&A with Alumnus Brent Barbee

Alumnus Brent Barbee talks with us about his experience as a member of the OSIRIS-Rex flight dynamics team.

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spacecraft reentry

Simulating Space Vehicle Reentry and Calculating the Gravity of Asteroids and Comets

Learn about two graduate students who are working on space research through 2016 NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships. 

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Juno spacecraft

Mission Juno: Q&A with Alumnus Bryce Strauss

Alumnus Bryce Strauss was on console during Juno's Jupiter Orbit Insertion and we caught up with him to learn more about his role.

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armadillo satellite

Prize-winning UT Satellite Launching to Space in 2017

Since spring of 2015, students from UT Austin’s Texas Spacecraft Lab have been working on integrating the award-winning ARMADILLO CubeSat.

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