This past fall, members of the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, with the support of Lockheed Martin, celebrated 100 years of aviation in a big way. Over 500 members of the community, including students, faculty, staff and alumni, attended the all-day celebration, which kicked off with a historical aviation seminar given by Professor Hans Mark and the presentation of the 2003 Lockheed Martin Teaching Award to Professor Philip Varghese. Following the seminar, visitors were able to enjoy a Centennial of Flight presentation in the ACES Visualization Lab. Here the Texas Advanced Computing Center provided historical aviation images as well as the ability for guests to interact with a Wright Brothers airplane flight simulator on a large three-paneled screen.

Barbecue lunch and cake were provided for all members of the community, who joined under a large tent outdoors to enjoy food and a variety of entertainment. Lockheed Martin displayed various airplane models and provided lots of goodies for a free raffle. Student organizations and teams also participated by setting up booths under the tent. AIAA led a balsawood airplane contest entitled “Flying Spoons,” SGT displayed a table in memory of the Space Shuttle Columbia, and the KC-135 and Design, Build, Fly teams participated as well.

Members of AIAA also worked hard, and up until the very last minute, to build a 1/4 scale replica of Kitty Hawk that was proudly displayed under the tent. The afternoon wrapped up with a historical seminar given by Captain John S. Craparo of the United States Air Force Auxiliary.

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