These policies and guidelines have been developed for ASE/EM faculty members who want to print and display research posters that were not developed for our graduate recruiting or external advisory committee events.

Guidelines for posters that are being developed by graduate students for departmental events can be found here.

Printing & Hanging

The UT Sign Shop can print posters and takes UT account numbers as payment. The department will not cover the cost of posters printed for research purposes unless the posters are being developed for departmental events. The UT Sign Shop can also arrange to install the poster for you as well, but will charge a fee.

Poster Frames

If you need to have something custom framed, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s do custom framing at a reasonable cost.

General Research Poster Design Guidelines

ASE/EM Identities (Logos)

Please be sure to follow the visual guidelines when using the official ASE/EM identities.


The Cockrell School of Engineering follows The University of Texas at Austin's font recommendations.

Benton Sans/Benton Sans Condensed is the preferred primary font. GT Sectra is a secondary font. Both typefaces are available worldwide in PC and Apple formats. Arial is also acceptable for posters.


It’s okay to have a variety of colors in the posters. For suggestions on colors to use in sidebars, charts, graphs, follow UT’s official color palette here


sentis mercury robot photo


Mercury the Robot Masters Human Balancing Act

Mercury, a biped robot developed by Dr. Luis Sentis and his students, can maintain balance when hit unexpectedly - much like a human would when bumped into on a crowded street.

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alan stern pluto flex

Alumni Spotlight

Alumnus Alan Stern Receives Lowell Thomas Award in Engineering Exploration

Alumnus Alan Stern was selected by the Explorers Club to receive the 2018 Lowell Thomas Award in Engineering Exploration.

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faculty recruiting image

Faculty Positions

Join Our Faculty

Learn more about our faculty openings for tenured faculty and non tenure-track positions.

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Department News

Noel Clemens Give Lectures at Midwest Mechanics Seminar Series

Professor Noel Clemens was invited to give a series of lectures as part of the prestigious Midwest Mechanics Seminar Series.

Longhorn Rocketry Association Develops New Test Stand

Two years of hard work has finally paid off for members of the Longhorn Rocketry Association student organization who have been designing and building a new hybrid rocket engine test facility.

Upcoming Seminar

November 01, 2018

Bridging mechanics and electrochemistry: Experiments and modeling on battery materials

Dr. Kejie Zhao

Location: WRW 102
Time: 3:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Aerial Robotics at UT Austin

aerial robotics video play image

Texas ASE/EM recently introduced a new undergraduate aerial robotics course at UT Austin, where students participate in a "final" in a "battle of the drones." Watch the video to learn more about this cutting-edge course.

8th Aerospace Engineering Graduate Program

U.S. News & World Report

8th Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate Program

U.S. News & World Report

4th Most Influential Research Institution in Aerospace

Thomson Reuters State of Innovation Report

9th Aerospace Engineering Program

Center for World University Rankings