For one professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, spending time crunching numbers is leading to technologies that could save lives. Dr. Thomas Hughes and his colleagues have pioneered patient-specific 3-D models of blood flow through the heart and blood vessels that could help guide best practices for cardiologists.

Clint Dawson has been named the first recipient of the Edward S. Hyman Endowed Chair in Engineering.

For the past two years, Sirohi has been developing, building and testing prototypes to find the most efficient design for unmanned, multi-mission capable micro aerial vehicles - basically, miniature drone helicopters.

Dr. Maruthi Akella directs his research focus on two big projects: one which provides NASA with a cheaper, faster, efficient alternative to the high-grade tactical navigation sensors they currently use on their vehicles, and another which looks into autonomy, responsiveness, and hazard avoidance for vehicles in orbit or in space.

Dave and Charlene Ernst have been longtime supporters of aerospace engineering student projects.