photo of Caleb Phillips


Computational Engineering


Cross Lanes, West Virginia

What aspect of computational engineering interests you most?

The opportunity to solve large scale problems that affect masses of people. Specifically, I work on mathematically modeling cancer growth. Taking a mathematical concept on paper and apply it to the real world is such an incredible process.

What has been your biggest reward while pursuing your computational degree at UT?

It has been a joy to be in smaller classes so that I can meet other students and faculty more personally. When your class only has 12 people, you can ask the professor how their travels were and they can ask about the career fair and it really changes the dynamic of the classroom in such a great way.

What has been your most influential COE, ASE or EM course and why?

Advanced Scientific Computation (COE 352). Dr. Dawson is teaching us and just stops class after 30 minutes and goes, "Your boss gives you a legacy code that solves a linear problem. He gives you two hours to transform the code to solve non-linear problems as well." And the whole class is like.. crap.. we would just quit. And he walks through his thought process for the rest of class and it blew every single students mind. I love it, it changes the game of computational engineering in the best way.

What has been your favorite computational based project?

I currently do research with the Center for Computational Oncology and I'm modeling the development of blood vessels in response to certain proteins. To be able to model processes in biology using applied mathematics is extraordinary. I would not change the opportunity for anything.

List three things that most people don't know about you.

  • I'm married! And my wife is certainly the better half.
  • I am an avid disc golfer and my team won the state championships in 2016!
  • I do a semi-blog facebook thing called "Caleb the sad poor college student"! So friend me and catch my posts!