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Advising Resources

Advising is not required for undergraduate students in Aerospace Engineering (unless they are on scholastic probation). Ultimately, the student is responsible for seeking adequate academic advice, for knowing and meeting degree requirements, and for enrolling in appropriate courses to ensure orderly and timely progress toward a degree. Below are resources used for advising appointments as well as self-advising.

Degree Plan & Flow Charts

Undergraduate degree plans and flow charts are available in PDF format.

Class Registration Forms

ASE 128: Student Projects Lab Registration Form
ASE 128: Student Projects Lab Time Log
ASE 128: Summer Internship Option
ASE 179K/279K/379K: Undergraduate Research

Core Curriculum & Technical Electives

Social Science & Visual/Performing Arts Options
US History Options
Government Options
Technical Elective Options
Signature Course Options (UGS 302/303)

Laptop Requirement

All undergraduate students in Aerospace Engineering are expected to have a laptop at their disposal.


Both free tutoring and paid private tutoring available on campus. Free Engineering options are available as well as free group or paid private options at the Sanger Learning and Career Center.