Our bold vision is to become one of the top five engineering schools in the nation. This vision will only be realized through the combined efforts of faculty, students, alumni, and friends of the program. The strength of our programs clearly depends on recruiting world-class undergraduate and graduate students to work with the faculty. However, our alumni and friends also play a critical role in providing us with the resources that open the doors to opportunities that state funding does not provide.

We have had wonderful support from many of our friends and alumni – our heartfelt thanks for your contributions in these difficult economic times. Your generosity has helped our students to attend conferences, compete in national competitions, and participate in a variety of student projects. Projects are particularly important because they provide hands-on experience with hardware outside a laboratory environment, they help students to think critically, and they provide them with an opportunity to work in teams to achieve tangible goals with more complex systems.

Our students will continue to need external support to keep their programs going strong. Your gift, along with the gifts of others, will help turn our students into future engineering leaders. These students are transforming the university with their ideas and enthusiasm. Please join us and support these future leaders by making a gift online to the department today. With your generous and continued support, the sky is not the limit!