Cockrell School of Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin

Clint N. Dawson

Photo of Dawson, Clint N.

Department Associate Chair
Head of Computational Hydraulics Group

McKetta Chair

Research Area:
Computational Mechanics

Phone: (512) 475-8627
Office: ACE 6.430

Ph.D., Rice University

Research Interests:

Dr. Dawson's research focuses on numerical methods for partial differential equations, specifically flow and transport problems in CFD; scientific computing and parallel computing; finite element analysis, discontinuous Galerkin methods; shallow water systems, hurricane storm surge modeling, rainfall-induced flooding; ground water systems, flow in porous media, geochemistry; data assimilation, parameter estimation, uncertainty and error estimation.

His Administrative Assistants are Connie Baxter, (512) 475-8625 and Liz Ray (512) 475-8636.

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