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ASE 320 - Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

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Course Outline

Class Meets:

TTh 9:30 - 10:45 am, WRW 102


Dr. Philip L. Varghese


WRW 314C (If the outer door to 314 is locked I am out of the office. If it is unlocked, walk right in and knock on my door. If I am in, my door is usually open.)

Office Hours:

M-Th: 11-11:45, and by appointment



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Amaury Lecoutre & Shankar Mahadevan


Fluid Mechanics (5th Edition), Frank M. White

Additional References:

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Important dates

Friday, Jan 21

Last day to add/drop classes in College of Engineering

Thursday, Feb 24

Test 1, 75 minutes, in class 

Thursday, Apr 21

Test 2, 75 minutes, in class

Saturday, May 14

Final Exam (7:00 - 10:00 pm)




Two mid semester tests

40% (Higher score: 25%, Lower: 15%)

Final Exam



2004-2006 Catalog Data

Fundamental concepts, fluid statics; integral and differential analysis; detailed analysis of inviscid, incompressible flows; aerodynamics of airfoils and wings. Prerequisite: Mathematics 427L with a grade of at least C and credit or registration for Aerospace Engineering 120K.


Objectives and Outcomes

Additional References

There are many, many textbooks on Fluid Mechanics – every teacher tends to want one that reflects his or her own point of view. You may want to search the library for one that you like if you want a different point of view from the text. There are also several (but fewer) texts on Aerodynamics, which reflect our aerospace bias. Here are a few suggestions.

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