Travel reimbursement is for the traveler’s expenses ONLY Traveler should never pay for another traveler’s expenses and seek reimbursement. 


Prior approval for all business travel is required for absences of employees for periods of four hours or more during the normal working period, whether or not there is a cost to the University. This prior approval is obtained via the Travel Authorization Request (TAR) form. If classes are to be missed, arrangements must be made. If you are traveling to Washington, DC, an additional section must be completed.

Submit the TAR form in as much advance as possible to the administrative staff person handling department travel.

If you are using a Faculty Travel Grant this request, along with the TAR, needs to be completed 3 weeks in advance. 

To make travel reservations, please refer to University of Texas Travel Planning website. 

Please pay particular attention to procedures that may be necessary for foreign travel.

Please address any questions with the administrative staff person handling department travel prior to making your arrangements.

Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

To process a reimbursement for travel expenses we need an approved TAR in advance of the dates of travel and itemized receipts and proof of purchases for all expenses. When seeking reimbursement for a hotel, we need the detailed room folio as well as a “zero balance”.

We process a $51.00 per diem for meals so receipts do not have to be turned in for meals.

An employee can only be reimbursed for his or her own expenditures, not for expenditures incurred by other individuals.

For State funded accounts reimbursements are limited by the General Services Administration federal per diem tables. Reimbursements for travel to a Texas city not listed in the tables are limited to expenses not to exceed $142 of which meals can be up to $51.00 per day. New rates are updated each October 1st. 


  • New faculty and staff need to designate an address for reimbursements, in addition to salary designation.
  • We cannot reimburse for Texas Occupancy Tax. You may present this form to the hotel upon arrival. 
  • Tips can be calculated only up to 20% of pretax subtotal. However, State accounts may not reimburse tips and gratuities incurred during business travel.
  • Please give your receipts to the administrative staff person handling department travel as soon as possible upon your return. Reimbursements must be processed within 60 days of the last day of travel. 
  • For car mileage reimbursement an online mapping tool is required roundtrip to and from your destination. When using state funds, MAPQUEST is required. 
  • If traveling out of state with your private vehicle, reimbursement is based on the average airfare to the destination and will be limited to the lowest amount. 
  • Department ProCards can be used for conference registration
  • Remember that airfare and car rental can be charged directly to the department resulting in a much easier and quicker reimbursement process. 
  • Please contact the administrative staff member who handles travel if you have questions.

For more detailed information on travel reimbursement you may go to the Handbook of Business Procedures.