The ASE Graduate Program offers advanced study and research leading to the Master of Science in Engineering degree and the Doctor of Philosophy degree. The normal prerequisite for graduate study is a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering or in a related field of engineering. Graduate study is possible for those with degrees in science or mathematics, but some undergraduate coursework will be needed to make up any deficiencies.

Master of Science Requirements

Students seeking the Master of Science degree must be enrolled in one of two degree options, each requiring 30 total semester credit hours. These are known as the Thesis/Report Option (also called simply the Thesis Option) and the Coursework Option. MS degree applicants will be admitted to either the Thesis/Report Option or the Coursework Option at the time of admission. Students may switch between degree options after enrollment with faculty approval.

Doctor of Philosophy Requirements

The PhD program consists of coursework, qualifying examinations, and the dissertation. Students who have previously received a Master of Science degree must complete at least 9 hours of additional coursework; those who enter the graduate program with a Bachelor of Science degree must complete at least 39 hours of coursework. To be admitted to candidacy for the PhD degree, the student must pass both a written and an oral examination. The written examination is general in nature and covers subject matter studied in the MS degree program. The oral examination is given in the student's Area of Study and is conducted by a committee of faculty members whose interests are in that area. Students may not take courses on the credit/no credit basis until after they have passed the written qualifying examination.

Aerospace Engineering Graduate Courses

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