STTR (Phases I and II): Correct-by-Construction Synthesis for Multi-Vehicle Autonomy Missions

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Technical point of contact: Laura Humphrey, AFRL
Period of activity: 2016-2018
Collaborators: Galois Inc.

Overview of the Project

This project develops languages and tools to fill the gap between the theoretical and algorithmic advances in reactive synthesis and their practical implementations. An example outcome has been Salty, a domain specific language for GR(1) specifications. Salty makes GR(1) specifications easier to write and debug by supporting features such as richer input and output types, user-defined macros, specification patterns, and specification optimization and sanity checking. Salty interfaces with the synthesis tool Slugs to produce a system design or controller, which Salty implements in a variety of languages. It also interfaces to to freely available unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) planning and simulation software suites UxAS and AMASE for applications involving coordination of multiple UAVs.

Relevant links:

  • SALTY (A domain-specific language for reactive synthesis for multi-vehicle autonomy missions)
  • SLUGS (SmalL bUt Complete GROne Synthesizer)
  • OpenUxAS (Project for multi-UAV cooperative decision making)