Sepand OssiaSepand Ossia is the Research Director of Robotics and Materials Sciences in Schlumberger-Doll Research Center in Cambridge MA, leading multidisciplinary programs focused on the development of cutting-edge applied science and technology which could create transformative automated and cost-effective solutions for the oilfield operations. Sepand was previously the program manager of Sampling While Drilling (SWD) tool in Schlumberger Houston Pressure & Sampling center and delivered remarkable advancement in SWD operational reliability, automation and answer products. An important part of his expertise in oilfield product development was gained during his tenure as Mechanical Métier and Industrialization Manager in Schlumberger-Riboud Product Center in France, overseeing the industrialization of a rich NPD project mix which was concluded with the commercialization of 5 new formation logging services (e.g. MicroScope and Quanta Geo).

Sepand joined Schlumberger in 2001 as a Modeling & Simulation (M&S) engineer with a PhD specializing in turbulence and multiphase flows. In the early part of his career, he provided CFD analysis support to NPD teams in Drilling & Measurements, Well Services, Artificial Lift and Completions. Sepand transitioned to management as Mechanical Technology & Simulation Manager in 2007, looking after active cooling, shock & vibration mitigation and rotary-steerable tool fatigue life management.